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Engineering Projects

Engineering Projects

Our New Castle, Delaware-based services are used by a broad range of commercial and industrial clients. Peruse the vast array of projects for which Lehigh Testing Laboratories has provided services to get a feeling for our testing and analysis capabilities.

End User
Legal & Insurance
Power Generation

End User

Dry Dock Rock Anchor Bolt Fracture
Bucker Truck Leveling Bolt Fracture
Ductile Iron Water Pipe Leak From Deficient Welding
Sink Bowl Pitting
Paint Peeling From Prison Window Mullions

Marine Transfer Station Pipe Fracture From Weld Lack of Penetration
Blacksburg High School Gym Roof Collapse
Hot Water Faucet Dezincification
Copper Water Pipe Solder Joint Leaks
Faulty Hospital ID Wrist Bands From Aftermarket Supplier



Liquid Nitrogen Tank Check Valve Disengagement
Boiler Tube Corrosion Assisted Fatigue Leaks
Condenser Impeller Shaft Corrosion From MIC Attack
Pharmaceutical Autoclave Stress Corrosion Cracking
Water Chiller Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) MIC Attack
Water Chiller Inlet Fatigue-Induced Leak
Paint Pulverizer Rotor Vibration Fatigue Induced Vane Liberation
Motor Cover Bolt Fatigue Fracture
Lifting Chain Fracture
Bevel Gear - Fracture From Manufacture Using Different Steel
Turbine Coupling Bolt Fracture From Insufficient Tensioning
Cast Iron Storm Pipe Underdeposit Crevice Corrosion

Refrigeration Discharge Line Leak
Detonator Lead Holders
A356.0 Aluminum Switchgear Castings
Heat Exchanger Erosion-Corrosion Wall Thinning
Dental Drill Bits Fracture
Thermocouple Sheath Thermal Cracking
Brass Nut Dezincification Cracking
Elastomer-Fiberglass Composite Joint Delamination
Stainless Steel Pipe OD Chloride Pitting Leak
Transfer Line Braided Hose Stress Corrosion Cracking
Rotary Knife Cutter Blade Fretting Fatigue Fracture


Legal & Insurance

Rowing Machine Cable Fracture
Snow Plow Attachment Fracture
Oxygen Tank Rupture
Gas Turbine Compressor Blade Liberation
Boom Truck Joint Separation
Denim Exposure Tests to Operating Propane Heater

Epoxy Floor Delamination
Surgical Drill Angled Footed Attachment Failure
Drill Bit Fracture
Fire Sprinkler Pressure Test
Bicycle Seat Tube Cracking
Middle School Hot Water Pipe Leak That Caused Structural Damage


Power Generation

Sulfuric Acid Pipe Leak From SRB Attack
Chain Tab Weld Cracks
Compressor Bearing Thrust Collar Fretting Wear
Coal Pulverizing Ring Fracture
Wind Turbine Driveshaft Lamina Vibration Fatigue Fractures
Wind Turbine Bearing False Brinelling From Shipping

Wind Turbine Pitch Housing Cross-Threading
Nuclear Power Plant Strainer Drum Dealloying Fracture
Backup Diesel Generator Piston Fracture From Blocked Lubrication Holes
Waterwall Tube Weld Overlay Crack Evaluation



E-Brite Cooler Tube MIC Corrosion Leak
Expansion Bellows Fatigue Rupture
Monel K-500 Pump Stud Fracture From Hydrogen Damage
HF Block Valve Leak From Manufacturing Porosity
Superheater Tube Short-Term Overheat Rupture
Condenser Tube Oxygen Pitting
Fuel Line Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC)
Crude Oil Heater Tube Creep Rupture
Alky Pipe Microbiologically Induced Corrosion (MIC) Leak
Sea Cure Cooler Tube Underdeposit Corrosion Leak
Deep Well Can Aggressive Grinding Cracks
Sigma Phase Weld Formation Cracks
Overlay Weld Stress Corrosion Cracking Leaks (SCC)
Globe Valve Fracture
Thermowell Flange Leak

Boiler Tube Short-Term Overheat Rupture
250-Lb Steam Line Leaks
Bottom Steam Header Creep
Economizer Tube - Dew Point Corrosion Pitting & Steam Impingement Rupture
Petroleum Gas Transfer Line Hydrogen-Induced Cracking Leak
 Catalytic Cracker Riser Plate Cracking
Flue Gas Pipe Stress Corrosion Cracking Leaks
Ethylene Unit Pipe Rupture From Crevice Corrosion
PVC Pipe Water Hammer Fractures
Oil Pump Driveshaft Fracture
Steam Line Creep Rupture
Sigma Phase Embrittlement of Scallop Screen
Coker Mid-Distillate Line Dew Point Corrosion (Sulfuric Acid) Leak
Reboiler Tube Leaks From Phosphoric Acid Exposure



Railcar Coupling System Endcap Fracture Examination
High-Speed Rail Fatigue Fracture
Rail Punch Fracture From Excessive Decarburization
Rail Frog Switch Crack
Train Passenger Car Seat Bolt Fractures
Air Conditioner Evaporator Bracket Cracking
Passenger Railcar Side Bearing Examinations and Coefficient of Friction Testing
Superliner Railcar Bolster Spring Fatigue Fracture
Tapered Roller Bearing - Spallation from Improperly Heat Treated Roller
Pandrol Fastclips Fatigue Fracture
Bulk Cargo Ship Floorplate Brittle Cracking
Railcar Draft Gear Bolt Fatigue Fractures
Coal Car Elastomer Pad Blistering
Coupler Yoke Cracking
Cap Screw Shear Overload Fracture

Passenger Car A/C Reed Fractures
Railcar Ductile Iron Brake Disk Craze Cracking
Pneumatic Valve Cover Casting Porosity Cracks
Brake Hub Fracture
Brake Caliper Mounting Bolt Fracture
Light Rail Axle Fatigue Fracture
Traction Motor Stabilizer Bolt Decarburization
Derrick Digger Boom Truck - Base Bolt Fractures
Light Rail Truck Bolster Fatigue Fracture
Trolley Brake Actuator Fracture
Third Rail Collector Shoe Fracture
Brake Disk Hub Assembly Bolt Hydrogen-Damage Fracture
Aluminum Axle Journal Housing High-Cycle Fatigue Fracture
Trolley Axle Fatigue Fracture
Bus Tie Rod Heating Effects on Material Properties
Brake Lever Casting Cracks