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Mechanical Testing

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical testing is used to determine a material's strength by applying loads that pull, compress, impact, bend, or cycle the material. Along with simulated service testing, these techniques can be used to determine a material's (or its components') durability, performance capability, or life expectancy in everyday applications. New Castle, Delaware-based Lehigh Testing Laboratories features an in-house machine shop for specimen and fixture machining.

Service Details

Our mechanical testing services include the following:

Tensile Strength
Charpy Impact
3 Pt & 4 Pt Bend
Single, Double, & Lap Shear
Weld Procedure Qualification
Flexural Strength
Compression Strength
Tube Flare & Flattening
Drop Weight
In-House Heat Treating
Fatigue, Simulated Service, Creep & Stress Rupture
Mechanical Testing Equipment