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Metallography & Metallurgical Analysis

Metallography & Metallurgical Analysis

Superior metallurgical testing services include the ability to perform microscopic, macroscopic and scanning electron microscope examinations. Our metallurgists and analysts have experience with all three. New Castle, Delaware-based Lehigh Testing Laboratories covers a wide variety of material microstructures and is versed in all aspects of materials science as outlined below.


 Grain Size - Comparison
- Abrams 3-Circle
- Intercept
- McQuaid
 Image Analysis
 Microscopic Measurements
 Surface Analysis - Intergranular Attack
- Alloy Depletion
- High-Temperature Oxidation
 Inclusion Rating
 Case Depth & Decarburization Evaluations
 Non-Conventional Machining Evaluations - EDM
 Coating Analysis & Thickness
 Circuit Board & Microelectronic Analysis
Work Station

Macroscopic Evaluations

Our macroscopic evaluations include the following:

Dimensional Assessment
Image Analysis
Photo Documentation Weld & Braze Evaluation


Have Lehigh Testing Laboratories determine the hardness of your materials using the following methods:

Microhardness—Vickers, Knoop, Case Depth
Macrohardness—Rockwell, Brinell, Superficial
Field/Portable Hardness—Leeb (Equotip)
Shore Durometer---Rubber